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[opens trenchcoat] hey kid u want some shitty nintendo drawings
background made by

hey look a wip
(…i’ve been drawing too much kirby stuff lately
…and i can’t draw taranza for the life of me)
i rewatched episode 88 of the kirby anime the other day
it was an experience

dedede is love. dedede is life. ( ´ o ` )ノ

(the first one’s transparent, and the one with the black background’s there because the transparent one looks weird on a white background u.u)

i tried to do a thing
also i haven’t drawn some of these characters for years so they may look a little off
also fun fact: each layer for each character had its own ~cool name~
we got kirbs, deded, metanaito, escargo, banana dee, adele, and ribbone
i might colour this later

i’ve really run out of things to say when i upload these

originally sketched, lined, and partially coloured this while watching a crash twinsanity let’s play, then decided to finish it today (though it’s just a crappy doodle)
those levels where you ride cortex actually look really fun

; ̄~ ̄)

( ̄~ ̄;)

obligatory smash bros art

a remake of an old deviantart drawing…..

i think the background looks really shitty, but the fireworks look shitty without the dark background so???? here’s both


slasher a.
that sounds too cool for this haha


slasher a.

that sounds too cool for this haha


it’s that time of month again