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[opens trenchcoat] hey kid u want some shitty nintendo drawings
background made by

mrnintendo622 said: Kirby's hands function the same way a hand of a powerpuff girl does. that is how he does the holding




of course

why didn’t i think of that before


kirby confirmed to be a powerpuff girl

The poyopuff girls


once again the day is saved, thanks to the poyopuff girls!!!!

dinosaurdan said: I really love your artstyle, and I really love the way you draw king dedede!

ah, thank you!! (*^▽^*)

comparison tiiiiiime

the one on the left is from july 8th 2011, and the one on the right is from today, august 26th 2014

i think i’ve improved a lot

(and no, i have no idea what “HELL YAW” means)

kirby characters are way too fun to draw

(also i draw dedede more than i should)

skull-kid-of-termina said: Draw dedede saying fuck her right in the pussy


dedede no

Anonymous said: Canst thou draweth Paintra and Drawcia Soul?


idk if these requests are in reference to the “terrible ms paint drawing” thing anymore

i feel more comfortable drawing traditionally than digitally so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

skull-kid-of-termina said: You should draw yourself in dededes clothes saying "I NEED A MONSTA TO CLOBBER DAT DERE KIRBEH"



this was fun to draw

hey look a wip
(…i’ve been drawing too much kirby stuff lately
…and i can’t draw taranza for the life of me)
i rewatched episode 88 of the kirby anime the other day
it was an experience

dedede is love. dedede is life. ( ´ o ` )ノ

(the first one’s transparent, and the one with the black background’s there because the transparent one looks weird on a white background u.u)

i tried to do a thing
also i haven’t drawn some of these characters for years so they may look a little off
also fun fact: each layer for each character had its own ~cool name~
we got kirbs, deded, metanaito, escargo, banana dee, adele, and ribbone
i might colour this later

i’ve really run out of things to say when i upload these

originally sketched, lined, and partially coloured this while watching a crash twinsanity let’s play, then decided to finish it today (though it’s just a crappy doodle)
those levels where you ride cortex actually look really fun

; ̄~ ̄)